The Sixteenth Bar

The home of pure and genuine audio samples, recorded from analog sources in stunning detail, organized and packaged to make sense, and optimized for performance and usability.

Our Musical venture is based on three major pillars:


We love QUALITY, more than ever. It is our belief however, that the true quality of a sound can only be shown through its overall nature, its unique timbre and its unparalleled complexity, and only when it is presented in its purest form. 

For this reason we choose to stay far away from digitally manipulating average sounds into something that they are simply not. We skip all the over-processing, the  application of psycho-acoustic exciters, we turn away from excessive loudness treatment. Instead we choose to record the source itself in its purest glory, and trust the sound's own ability to take care of the rest..

It is undeniable that it's much easier to add to a sound by using various effects and sonic treatments, than it is to remove something that's already been applied. Our approach is to leave the decision whether to do that, entirely up to you.  

..and the result? Well.. you let us know 



This of course still leaves the UNIQUENESS aspect to be tackled.. So how do we plan to achieve that? 

Our sounds are designed on a Eurorack Modular System that has no “save preset” button. What it does have, is unlimited potential to create soundscapes that are rare beyond any doubt. Inherently every sound created on this setup, will boast a great deal of uniqueness. When the patch cables get disconnected, when the knobs twist, when the switches snap, you’d better hope we recorded the sample, otherwise it’s lost forever, and there’s no way to recall it again.

But what good is one unique sample when everyone has access to it?

..and that is another aspect of our Musical venture where we’ll do things different: most sound packs will only be available for a limited amount of time and/or number of downloads, whichever occurs first. Now could this be a slightly irresponsible move business-wise? Sure it could.. but only by setting these limitations are we able to ensure that the sounds you purchase from us will not be heard in half a million other productions, for only a certain number of Musicians will have the chance to work with them. Will you be one? 

Which leaves AFFORDABILITY to be answered

We are here to spread the magic of Music by developing and offering products that can help and define the process of creation. We know that there are literally millions of unspoken and unheard talents out there who are unable to utilize their own mad skills, because they don’t have access to the proper tools. And when the proper tool carries a ludicrous price tag that is simply out of their reach, that is the very moment when Music dies. Just how many more masterpieces should remain unborn? How many more ideas should be squashed? ..and for what reason? In the name of profit? 


So let’s see..: Passion, Music, Creativity, Helping Others, Fun and Profit - in that order = The Sixteenth Bar

Let’s see how far we can take this, so please feel free to tag along our journey.