ANTARES – Melodic Techno SOUND and MIDI Pack


..likely among the largest of known stars, Antares is truly unique in its capabilities to mesmerize you in a way that is nearly impossible to match or even to imitate. To mirror these qualities, our second Sample Pack - ANTARES - was designed to be equally outstanding not only in its uniqueness, but in its sheer size just as well.
Recorded from pure analog synthesizers and drum machines, in 24bit 48kHz superior audio quality, this Sample Pack - much like all others you'll find here - will enable you to concentrate your efforts towards the actual creation of your Music, without having to fix the obvious drawbacks of samples that were mass produced to sell in large quantities, and glorified to stick out from the crowd. We believe in quality too, just ours is a bit different..

The song - ANTARES - is our rendition of what these amazing sounds can be used for. It has been created for you to take as reference, to draw inspiration from, or to go completely against and create something entirely different - Let's see what craziness you have in you!
- 3.8GB worth of pure analog material, recorded for you to sample, chop, reverse, twist, stretch, compress, pitch shift, phase, distort, or otherwise mangle and use in your own productions.

- 16 synchronized and full song length .wav audio stems of all elements such as Drums, Basslines, Pads, Leads, Hooks, Effects and other layers. Just load them straight into your DAW and get producing.
- 12 synchronized and song length MIDI clips of note/chord/drum patterns, used to trigger the synths and drum machines. Care to drop these in your own synth or drum kit?
Yup that's correct: 16 X 9+ mins - or about 2.5 hours worth of samples just in stems. Recorded and modulated live on the EurorackSynth throughout the recording sessions, so they're never just a repetition of the same loop. Do scrub through all of them - you might just get surprised 😉

- 17 Drum loops extracted from the project
- 7 Synth loops extracted from the project
- 11 Drum one-shots
- 204 Synth one-shots

- "T16B - Antares" Fully mixed and mastered song

Thank you and please enjoy this Sound Pack as much as we enjoyed making it!