LEO2 Vol. 1 – The Ultimate Collection of Analog Synth One-shots


LEO2 - a small galaxy, yet larger than anything you've seen. Its main identifier is its unmatched resilience and its known quality to be able to stand out and shine through other giants around it.

It is no accident that we choose this very name to our newest Sample Pack - LEO2 Vol. 1

Being our largest Sample Pack as of today, it features a collection of synthesizer samples that were designed to stand the test of time, to shine through and rise from a cloud of everyday samples, and to always retain its independence by giving you something others just simply don't have.
Recorded from pure analog synthesizers, in 24bit 48kHz superior audio quality, this Sample Pack - much like all others you'll find here - will give you plenty of options to work with and lift your own productions to the next level.
- 4.5 GB worth of pure analog material, recorded for you to chop, reverse, twist, stretch, pitch shift, phase, distort, or otherwise mangle and use in your own productions.

- 5 major Sound Design sessions of samples recorded and combined into one massive package
- 1045 individually crafted synth one-shots featuring sounds from a MOOG SUB37, Arturia's MINIBRUTE and unique combinations of 50+ Eurorack modules
- Dry and Wet patches
- One shot library is organized by key and recorded from C0 through 5, 6 or 7 octaves

Thank you and please enjoy this Sound Pack as much as we enjoyed making it!