LEO2 Vol. 3 – The Ultimate Collection of Tension-Release Risers and Buildups Part 1




LEO2 - a small galaxy, yet larger than anything you've seen. Its main identifier is its unmatched resilience and its known quality to be able to stand out and shine through other giants around it

In our interpretation, the LEO2 series is a massive collection of unique Sample Packs to be used as bulilding blocks of a modern production

Each individual Pack is built around one specific and integral element of a song, be it Basslines, Synth Loops, One-shots, Drums & Percussion, Arpeggios, Pads, Synth Phrases, Effects. The complete LEO2 collection will eventually serve as a huge collection of every sound and loop you'll ever need, to produce a cohesive song in the modern Musical genres

Recorded from pure analog synthesizers, in 24bit 48kHz superior audio quality, this Sample Pack - much like all others you'll find here - will give you plenty of options to work with and lift your own productions to the next level.
- 2.0 GB worth of samples recorded from pure analog sources, for you to chop, reverse, twist, stretch, pitch shift, phase, distort, or otherwise mangle and use in your own productions.



  • The 60 MAIN folders contain all the 24bit 48kHz uncompressed, unedited .wav files of all Samples. 600 Superb and down right crazy Tension-Release Risers and Buildup effects in total
  • Each folder contains 10+ different .wav files that were run through various effect processors and recorded simultaneously, so that one Master Sound was captured in 10 (vastly) different effect environments
  • The recording process for all 60 x 10 Samples involved 60 Master Sound Patches which then were sent through the following external effect processors with differrent modulation scenarios:
- MakeNoise Erbe-Verb
- MakeNoise Echophon
- 4MS Tapographic Delay
- Pittsburgh Modular Phase Shifter
- 2HP Twin Comb Filters
- Elektron Analog Heat
- Lexicon MX200
- Soundcraft MTK22
  • Most of the Master Sounds consist of multiple layers, recorded from different synthesizers and effects to create one cohesive Master Sample


Thank you and please enjoy this Sound Pack as much as we enjoyed making it!