A New Outlook On Sound

Meet the Machine behind the man - OSCAR 5.0 - The ultimate sound source. Featuring 80+ Eurorack format Modular Synthesizer elements, as well as a collection of standalone synthesizers, drum machines and effect units.

Synthesizer Modules


MakeNoise - DPO

A dual Voltage Controlled Oscillator designed for generating complex waveforms. Expanding on the classic arrangement of Primary and Modulator Oscillators, the DPO has both of the VCOs operable as complex signal sources. It is in essence a Dual Primary Oscillator.



The Morphagene is a next generation tape and microsound music module that uses Reels, Splices and Genes to create new sounds from those that already exist. Search between the notes to find the unfound sounds.


MakeNoise - ECHOPHON

Pitch Shifting Echo with smooth Time Modulation, Tempo Sync, saturating Feedback and a unique Pitch Shifting algorithm inspired by the Springer Tempophon and lovingly engineered by DSP Guru Tom Erbe of soundhack . "...the most inspiring module of the year." -Electronic Musician.


MakeNoise - ERBE-VERB

The Erbe-Verb is more than a collection of reverb algorithms or presets, it is a unique, modeless, continuously variable reverb algorithm with complete voltage control. Typical reverb types such as plate, room, hall, shimmer and others may be programmed by adjusting the knobs.


MakeNoise - MATHS

MATHS is an analog computer designed for musical purposes. Amongst other things, it will allow you to:
Generate a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential triggered or continuous functions
Integrate an incoming signal
With no signal applied, generate a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential functions
And more.



Cylonix and Intellijel have collaborated to bring you a very sophisticated and deeply complex Wavetable VCO. At the core of this module is very powerful FPGA board that he has pushed to the absolute max of its capabilities and crammed full of features. We wanted to create a module that really worked well in the modular context so there are a lot of modulation and control possibilities.


Intellijel - DUAL ADSR

The circuit is based in part on the Roland SH-101 / System100m design with several enhancements.


Intellijel - TETRAPAD

Tetrapad is a versatile, multi-dimensional, touch-sensitive control surface for Eurorack. Each of its four pads use force sensing resistors to respond to both the vertical position of your finger and its pressure. Four push encoders and a shift function give you even more tactile control over your modular system.


Pittsburgh Modular - PHASE SHIFTER

The Pittsburgh Modular Phase Shifter is a complex, 16 stage, analog effect module designed to expand on the classic swirls, rich swooshes, and doppler effects associated with the phaser.
The Phase Shifter has a single 16 stage audio signal path to create a very rich, full sound. Phased audio outputs are tapped from stages 7, 8, 15, and 16. Stages 8 and 16 each have a mix output that allow the phased signal to be mixed with an attenuvertable dry signal.



The Tapographic Delay is a complex multi-tap delay in the Eurorack format with a unique interface designed for live performance. It excels at transforming the simplest audio (a drone, a percussive sound) into complex rhythmic structures, meshes of organic textures, lush harmonic mille-feuilles, liquid and resonant effects.



The Quad LFO is a versatile and powerful source of modulation wavesforms that will extend the modular LFO well beyond simple vibrato. The Quad LFO has 16 wave types to choose from including various random waves and morphing wave sets which are actually 32 waves with smooth morph transition with the potential for thousands of different shapes. Each of the regular waves employs some form of real-time waveform transformation.



Contour is a quad envelope generator. Each channel has looping, CV over attack and decay, as well as unique chaining capabilities. This makes for the creation of complex modulation patterns with a minimum amount of trigger sources. Cycles times range from 5ms all the way to 20 minutes, providing an extremely wide range. In addition to it's full feature set and four channel architecture, the ergonomic interface makes it ideal for performance scenarios.

Need Something A Bit More Custom?

This is where we go beyond serious. Sample packs are amazing, and provided that they're not available forever, they are fairly unique too. But what if you want something that's only YOURS with no-one else access to it?

Enter our Custom Sound Design service. This aspect of our venture is tailored to satisfy your craziest needs when it comes to acquiring the most unique sounds for your productions - Intrigued..? Keep reading..

So you have a production on the go, MIDI files and all? Can't find the right sounds though, and you haven't got the right external gear.. What if you could use your own MIDI files and send them through our custom synthesizer? ..and do all that from YOUR Home Studio?

This is entirely possible. We offer Custom Sound Design Sessions where you can utilize your own MIDI files and create custom audio stems on our Synthesizer via a Live Video Conference session. Send us a quick message below, and we'll let you in on the details